Eco Lighting & Generators

Considerations – Going GREEN!

It is a fact not fiction that LED lighting will give you an electrical lighting usage saving of at least 60%.

To a household a money saving monthly. To a business straight profit on the bottom line.  Do not throw away good money when a genuine profit can be realised by accepting change. There are many different LED Globes, Fittings, Security Lights, Hi-Bay Lights and Fluorescent tube replacements. No gas in tubes.  Remember LED light is much healthier for your eyes the light is instant and doesn’t flicker so less headaches and irritated eyes.  The new LED’s are much sharper in intensity and colour giving very good light to all areas.  LED Globes can be dimmed but an LED dimmer must be used.

The LED’s are more expensive initially but definitely last a lot longer than any normal lighting you are using at present. The Globes also work at cool temperatures because of the design and can be touched while on.

Call us and we can help to put you on the Eco Friendly LED path. We do contracts install and supply to your needs and budget. Also Solar Panels and Inverters.